We are SWG:ANH - "Star Wars Galaxies: A New Hope"

It is our mission to create a server emulator for Star Wars Galaxies as it was during and prior publish 14.1, just before the "Combat Upgrade." Our Team believe strongly that this was a highpoint for the game, with many iconic features and memorable experiences before the various changes were brought about by the level based combat during the "CU" period. A Brief History of SWG:ANH describes our origins.

Each of us have different aspects of Star Wars Galaxies that we loved most. We all agree that it was the Pre-CU SWG experience and attention to details that helped make it one of the best and most immersive MMORPGs we have ever experienced. The crafting complexity, the interrelationships between professions, the vast worlds to explore, the rare creatures to tame and collect, the Galactic Civil War, the active social game - the list goes on. Each contributed to the feeling and experience of the Pre-CU experience. All these highlights and features are based on systems which deserve to be researched to the highest degree and implemented completely. We would not be happy playing a version of SWG that has systems which are simply a basic model of the original game. We do not call a feature on our own project "finished" until it is completely fleshed out and polished to work cohesively with all other relative and related features.

Our Accomplishments

To see our accomplishments in the emulation of Pre-CU SWG, visit our Milestones to get a simplified list of implemented features. Or, if you are interested in what our Developers have to say about their accomplishments, visit our Development section and forum. Alternatively, you can visit our Gallery to gain a visual understanding of our progress and achievements.

The ANH Experience

At ANH, we strive to better inform the general SWG community populous through the ANH experience. This new website has been built to facilitate and communicate the development and drive home the community feeling that ANH promotes through networking and use of technologies to get the word to you and your community better than ever before. The ANH experience offers a News section and forum to gain the most recent and up to date summaries of our project and its development. The News comes in many common forms, such as an easy to navigate forum, an RSS feed or a newsletter which you will automatically subscribe to upon registering with the ANH community forum.

Quality Assurance

To ensure a more enjoyable and authentic game experience without bugs: ANH offers a Quality Assurance program organized by the leaders of our Quality Assurance Team. Anyone is welcome to apply to become a tester for ANH, however there are limited places. Our Quality Assurance FAQ page provides a in-depth outline of this program and the membership requirements.

For Community Service Providers

If you are interested in the product at SWG:ANH or you are a community leader seeking to know more about our server software, you may find technical information including our server design architecture, supported development platforms, development tools and server requirements in the Product Information section.

From The Developers Themselves

Part of the ANH experience includes the Development section. In this section, the developers share insight into their current and past projects during the emulation of SWG. These articles are submitted between projects and during a developer's spare time.

Do not forget to consult our FAQ section to discover if there is already an answer to a question you may have.