Brief History of ANH

There is Another...

A long, long time ago.. on an IRC server far, far away... the ANH project was still in its infancy. Many of our current developers had individually found out about emulation efforts aimed at creating a pre-'Combat Upgrade' era Star War Galaxies emulator server.

We were each attracted to the project due to the desire to bring back and share the original experience of our beloved game. We also felt that we had skills or services to offer in our spare time. Whether it was about databases, research, programming, tool development, web development or quality assurance etc, all of these shared skills and services contributed to ensure a quality product and fully armed and operational emulator dedicated toward the Pre-CU era. All in the common hope and shared passion for creating an emulator that would be an accurate rendition of the game we missed.

A group was formed. An IRC server housed the initial planning sessions. For a good time there really was not any programming happening because the basic server architecture was not fleshed out. Once that was complete, the basic shell of our server began to take shape, and with it the first zone in occurred in early September of 2006.

As the project began to take form, we grew with it, to the point where we now feature a organised and managed work environment. An environment that features a dynamic bug tracking system with the support of MediaWiki technologies that have stored over 14,000 pages.

As our project continued to grow, we began to take a more solid shape and stance. We approached a few communities, offering them the ability to recruit testers that would be and are still a part of our quality assurance testing process. These teams of people have been tirelessly testing the server and have accounted for over 1000 logged bugs that have pointed us in the right direction, time after time, towards accurately reproducing the experience that is Pre-CU.

We started and now feature multiple subgroups within the team, some entirely dedicated to research, others to server programming, another team focused on tools that both speed up and simplify our development process and a few doing packet research for example. Above all else, over the past few years we have become more than just a team working on bringing back SWG Pre-CU, the time spent together has transformed the early ANH into a small family, making the whole journey even more valuable, rewarding and worthwhile.

Over the last two years of development, the server has now grown to well over 400,000 lines of C++ code. The database backend has over 150 tables with over 500,000 records with a typical install. However there is much, much more yet to come...

You can view a visual representation of our history by visiting our Gallery section.

The Future

We hope that the new web presence with an open approach to the community will provide a more solid base that will allow us to communicate easier with the you and provide you with an in-depth look into our ideas and goals for this project, both in the short and long term.