Server Product Information

The information on this page is intended to give some insight into what the SWG:ANH server product is and explain confirmed features that should be expected in the package.

For Server Administrators:

General Server Product Information

  • SWG:ANH is based on the SWG client of publish 14.1, which was applied roughly on March 24, 2005. We are aiming for a product that replicates publish 14.1 with our own changes or additions being peripheral and an administrator system to complement our product.

  • The emulator itself is currently being developed for the Windows platform, and is in the process of being ported to the linux environment.

  • It is being written in C++, with LUA integration for scripting.

  • Clustering is supported to allow for a distribution of each planet server to a distinct physical server, or it can all be run on a single server.

  • MySQL is used for the server's database, and this can also be run on a separate server respectively, or in a redundant clustered configuration.

  • Our current Test Center server used by our Quality Assurance team runs fine with all planet zones (including Taanab) on a dual 2.2Ghz machine with 4GB of RAM. There will be a recommend server specification that will come with the product.

  • The server will come bundled with both tools and front-ends which will make administration easy to deal with. This will include our internal tools which are mentioned from time to time in our updates. Where appropriate, administrative functions will be integrated into the server itself. We have created an in game "admin" profession to allow these abilities and commands to be easily distributed and customized among a server's team respectively.

  • We will be including a completed datapack with MOB stats and spawn locations, item stats, etc, which are as accurate to our target publish date as our substantial research allows. This information is stored in the database and will be available for server administrators to alter and customize as they desire.

  • It is still undetermined if the source will be made immediately available or when the project will go Open Source. The emulator server package we release will be free for download and use by anyone and will likely carry licenses to ensure that no others attempt to profit from all our work. Those wishing to run their own servers for public or private use will still need to provide/pay for their own server hardware and bandwidth to run the emulator server software we provide.

  • Once the server is ready for release we will complete this page. We do not distribute the SWG client; this must be purchased from a legitimate source such as SOE, retail outlets, or purchase of SWG on ebay. If you already own a copy of the original game or any later release of the SWG game, you do not need to re-purchase it to play.