You are here because you have been role playing all along. Every time you escape the real world for computer games, you are role playing. That's right, from any perspective and genre, you are always creating a character that is an extension of yourself. You place yourself into the shoes of others and act as you would to the given situation and scenario of your games. You create an imaginary character that reflects your traits, desires and skills that adapt to suit the needs of your games.

That is role play.

This is Aleyria.

Why choose Aleyria? There are many other communities that focus on Star Wars, however there are very few that focus completely on real-time role playing and all related mediums of role play. Aleyria has been designed to facilitate many common and new specialized services that have never been seen before in communities like ours. For example Aleyria services a “Biography Archive System,” an advanced web system developed in-house at Aleyria for the purpose of storing and sharing character biographies created and developed by real-time and offline role players. Aleyria provides many of these specialized services along with game servers and a community team dedicated to the best real-time role playing experience in the galaxy!

Whether you are an experienced role player or new to role playing, your adventures, stories and memories begin here.