Bria Reborn

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Bria Reborn is a community driven Star Wars Galaxies Emulation Server, with a heavy focus on Player versus Player (PvP) combat. Bria, even after the CU and NGE, was one of the most active PvP communities around. Our goal is to recreate that dynamic so that players can once again participate in the intense server-wide battles and forum drama that took place after. Gameplay will be centered around Star Wars Galaxies Publish 14.1, and remain locked there for a more 'vanilla' Pre-CU experience. New content will be limited to story arcs, events and perhaps GCWish things. There will be absolutely no changes to the core gameplay ever. For a more in-depth look at our server/gameplay plans, please view our interview with GalaxiesBook or our Frequently Asked Questions section.

However, just because our server is named after and plans to recreate the Bria experience doesn't mean that we won't welcome other people. Our administration team welcomes all players to join our community, whether you are a chiseled veteran or unsure of what Pre-CU really was. Just be sure to keep in mind that Bria players were very passionate gamers and thus sometimes may seem aggressive towards players that don't see things eye-to-eye as they do. We ask that you ignore these players if you feel threatened, as our rules towards moderation and harassment are a bit more lax than other servers. If a situation arises that does, however, spiral out of control, our administration team will evoke severe penalties against the offending party(ies).

So, even if you aren't interested in what our community has to offer, join us anyway. Take a browse through the forums and put your two cents in somewhere. Start an argument with someone that ticks you off in the Bria forum. Perhaps you'll realize that Bria Reborn has something to offer you after all.