True Galaxies

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True Galaxies was founded in June 2006 to provide a completely true Pre-CU experience for SWG players that were looking to just play the game that they remembered. Over the last couple of years we have built a strong community that’s dedicated to the game and to the community. Anyone that played the original Pre-CU knows that the community was a large part of the game. While we can’t speak about the quality of other communities outside of True Galaxies, we know that the community we have now has far exceeded the amount of community atmosphere we had expected to accomplish with a Pre-CU emulator community.

While we will be sticking true to the principles of Pre-CU, we will be adding content such as new storylines, missions, and PVP content. We know that playing the same thing over and over is boring, and we know that if we want our server to succeed we’re going to have to keep the content rolling just like with any other game.

True Galaxies may not be for everyone. If you want to see radical changes that change what Pre-CU was (radical changes like… more “alpha” or hero classes, levels, free items, and major skill buffs) then we recommend you take a look at another community.