SWG Remembrance & Pub 5 10th Anniversary!

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SWG Remembrance & Pub 5 10th Anniversary!

Postby Viaron » December 16th, 2013, 12:25 am

Greetings Galaxy,

Yesterday (December 15th, 2013), marked the 2 year anniversary for the shut down date of Star Wars Galaxies. The SWG:ANH Team took time to reflect on what Star Wars Galaxies was, and what it meant to us. The most common distinction between our discussion was Community. Something that was very unique to Star Wars Galaxies, was that it united one of the most unique and diverse player bases around. Not only did it allow you to live your Star Wars fantasies in a complete sandbox MMORPG, but it allowed you to escape reality and create your own adventure in a virtual world.

Internally, the SWG:ANH Team has been working diligently to bring back Star Wars Galaxies.... And Spoiler Alert: There's amazing news coming to a Community Comlink near you, real soon!

With that, Today (December 16th, 2013), is the 10th anniversary of the fifth publish for SWG. It was simply entitled, "Vehicles" and naturally, it gave us vehicles to ride around in for the first time. Some other interesting things it brought were Jedi getting a TEF for equipping a lightsaber while in combat, heralds to point you to various points of interest and increased the cap on player cities available on the relevant planets. It also gave us Nym's missions with the slugthrower as a reward, added /g for groupsay and also added something that endured SWG right until the very end. It was the beginning of the first annual Lifeday celebration! Happy Lifeday everyone!

An Open Letter to Sony Online Entertainment.

Official Star Wars Galaxies Publish 5 Patch Notes.

May The Force Be With You,
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