SWG:ANH 2013 End of Year Update

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SWG:ANH 2013 End of Year Update

Postby Viaron » December 22nd, 2013, 1:19 am

Greetings Galaxy,

The following is the final communication you will receive from the SWG:ANH Team in the 2013 Galactic Year. We are excited to be sharing with you this year's statistics, information, and a special development update. We would like to wish all of you a happy Life Day and Happy New Year.

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Staff Changes
Retired SWG:ANH Staff (2013):
Sostrata, Lloydboy, SaderBiscut, meanmom13, erine247, Temploiter, Ferrin, Tomcat, flas, Jay, hakry, Xenozephyr, Peej, apathy, Valkyra, Dead1ock, mugly, hoonius, Kronos, kbrooker, Silco, cRush, Vlada.

Staff Changes in 2013:
    kinshi - Has re-joined the team as Lead Contributor (General Staff)
    Silent-X - Has re-joined the team as an IRC Moderator
    Linkman214 - Has re-joined the team as a Contributor.
    David Tirno - Has re-joined the team as a Services Operator.
    schmnuzel - Has re-joined the team as a Senior Server Developer, then was promoted to Asst. Development Leader, then Development Leader.
    rycthr - Is Development Leader, Currently On-Leave.
    tmr - Has Joined the team as a Senior Server Developer.
    Axler - Has joined the Quality Assurance team.
    captboud - Has joined the Quality Assurance team.
    Obi-Two - Has re-joined the Quality Assurance team, and was promoted to QA Leader.
    Zantox - Was Hired as Community Relations, Switched to a Contributor, and is now Community Manager
    damuras - Joined the team as Community Relations, specializing in Moderation.
    neroplat - Was hired as Support & Events Leader, then Joined the team as Community Relations, specializing in Communications.

Staff Responses
Zantox (Community Manager)
Holy Crap! What a year it has been! I am incredibly honored and humbled each day to be working alongside such amazing team members. SWG:ANH had a large time of inactivity, but I was pleased to join up and assist in getting things going again. If this is the amount of progress we can make in 4 months, I can't wait to see what we can accomplish in an entire year! I look forward to every minuet of my future here, and can't wait to announce what's coming next! :)

Obi-Two (Quality Assurance Leader)
I'm excited to be back with the SWG:ANH team, I can't wait to see thing develop next year. Most of all I'm looking forward being part of and working with this server team to bringing back one of the best mmorpg's and helping to provide one of the most stable and playable servers we have ever produced.

tmr - (Senior Server Developer)
This year has been really cool. I'm very excited to be working on SWG:ANH and can't wait to get my first paycheck!

schmunzel - (Development Leader)
I am thrilled by all the advanced technology that has found its way into the new swganh core and I am looking forward into implementing it to create the most stable and thrilling ANH PreCU Server ever :D

Upcoming Website Changes
    The SWG:ANH Web Development and Services Operations teams are pleased to announce that coming in early 2014, the SWG:ANH Website is going to have a complete makeover. Top to bottom, new core, new design, A New, New Hope! You can follow our progress on our public web development repository: https://github.com/swganh/website (Currently only small amounts of framework have been committed publicly). Prepare for: SWG:ANH 2.0

SWG:ANH Bug tracker
    We've setup our bug tracker again, you can find it at http://bugtracker.swganh.org powered by Mantis. We will be supporting 0.2 Stable and 0.3 version unstable bugs. (More information will be posted about this soon).

    It's been a truly amazing year for SWG:ANH and we look forward to 2014. We hope to see you there and we hope you'll continue to explore the galaxy with us. SWG:ANH would like to offer a big big big thank you to it's community, and contributors. Without you, this project would not be possible.

May The Force Be With You,
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