Q/A Assemble...

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Q/A Assemble...

Postby Obi-Two » March 3rd, 2017, 9:59 am

Greetings Galaxy

The story so far..
Last month we told you about how we are shiftign gears and shut down all the C++ server projects to move on to new/old JAVA shaped server.

Well we have been busy getting to know our adopted Servers core and fixing a few bugs, but we need your help..

We have a test centre running at present that will work with the SWGAnh client or the SWGEmu client (via their launcher. We cannot however supper this client. )
See our info page for the server address Found Here.

We have the bug tracker setup for the new java project, please register your self if not already registered,
Found Here.

We do ask that while testing you have a presence in our chat room, Found Here!

Q/A Assemble...
We need you guys to help us find all the bugs and everything that is yet to be coded and log them on the tracker :) it's open season for QA and non QA alike.

If you are or where part of our QA team please PM me, we will need your to help administrate the tracker and the server as well as test future releases and features of the server.

We ready and looking forward to your contributions no matter how small.

the force is with us!!!

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