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Test Center Server Status and info

Postby Obi-Two » April 28th, 2015, 8:39 am

The Information
The test centre will be run in sessions (most likely the weekend)
The stasis of the server can be found here

Please be present on Discord chat room located while testing
Found Here!

The Client
To log in please put the following information into your login.cfg
Code: Select all

The SWGANH Installer can be downloaded here
The swgemu launcher will also work how ever we will not be able to send updates to the client and we cannot support it.

User names and password will be auto generated at first log in. As this is a test centre you should expect the data base to be wiped from time to time as the core is developed. Although we will do our best to avoid this if possible.

**Known Issues and info**
  • On first log in users inventory and starting items may not appear. Relogging can fix this issue
  • Training skills via the blue frog fails
  • Please be present on theIRC located @ irc.swganh.com (#swganh_tc). while testing
  • Mantis BugTracker
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