SWG dies.

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Re: SWG dies.

Postby sam » July 24th, 2011, 3:20 pm

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Re: SWG dies.

Postby dataless » August 9th, 2011, 5:58 pm

I would describe SWG as the "Best MMO ever almost written".

Thousands of unique character builds. Ever evolving crafting with little or no developer interaction. Massive amounts of clothing and objects for social players, etc. The list of what they were building towards goes on and on. I to date have never seen an MMO even come close to the amount of depth and customization that SWG had on release. And it had a framework in place to allow it to expand in almost unlimited ways.

Time and time again though, Lucas/Sony dropped the ball. The game was release too early, updates were done without seemingly any planning. Systems were modified by developers that from what I can guess had no idea how they even worked but it sure didn't stop them from trying to adjust them.

You would think with a 50/50 shot of getting things right that half of their decisions would have been good. But somehow about 80% of all the things they did were the wrong choice, and worse yet they liked to "double fix" problems, often times with both fixes they tried causing more problems than the original problem.

I played all three "versions" of the game, and I loved the original game before they started screwing with it. It was unfinished, buggy and lacked some basic things but it had potential to be something great. Much like a dog being whacked in the noise with a rolled up newspaper I could only take so many hits before I just gave up on the game though.

SWG was my first MMO and because of that I have never been able to find another game that I like. I expect unique crafting, I expect a game designed for combat (pvp and pve), crafting and socializing all in one. I don't want to loot gear or be given an uber item from a quest giver. I expect every galaxy/server/whatever to be unique in look, feel and play style.

Once all of that was taken away from SWG it became the same recycled crap everyone else releases. That is why I was happy to hear it was closing down and would not continue to make a mockery of what it once was.
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Re: SWG dies.

Postby Ginjix2 » September 20th, 2011, 11:12 am

It was indeed sad but I would of expected them to have died sooner...Hopefully we as a community of developers,testers, and players can make up for where Lucas Arts and Sony had failed and truly revive and breath new life into what was and still is a great game I look forward to the way this team has gone and can't wait to see the fruit this project bears.
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Re: SWG dies.

Postby sam » September 25th, 2011, 12:13 pm

kinshi wrote:
dataless wrote:It's about time.

They should have closed it down years ago, instead of screwing it up more and more every month.

The only sad part is Smedly never lost his job over what he did to the game.

I don't know that Smedley could have done anything to stop it....not without getting the Star Wars IP license yanked anyway. The more I have learned about the hassle that game designers have with the holders of popular IP, the more I have learned how easy it can be to wind up watching a train wreck and not being able to do a thing about it.

Case in point...FASA, the makers of the ever-popular Battletech table tops games were also makers of the most excellent Star Trek-based RPG to have walked the Earth. For years, FASA Trek material was considered 'canon', but they ran afoul of Gene Rodenberry who did not like that FASA was pushing more towards war gaming, than the 'peace and love' model the Roddenberry preferred. The end results was FASA losing a battle of wills, and Paramount yanked their IP license, and thus the FASA-Trek universe died.

DESPITE the fact of how damn good that material actually was, and Paramount was an ass about it too, giving instructions to their screenwriters to ignore all FASA materials (not to mention all the Pocket Books novels as well). They killed a damn fine game over quibbling about 'vision'.

Lucas is about lightsabers and pew-pew, and yea he has NEVER made Uncle Owen and moisture farming a central theme in the Star Wars they published. A HUGE mistake got made, and made by Raph Koster in making a really good MMORPG first, and assigning a lower priority to making SWG a good 'Star Wars' game.

Yes, Lucas was right to complain that SWG was not 'Star Warsy' enough, not when it wound up being Ultima Online 3D with a Star Wars skin, and then Lucas themselves proceeded to make a canonical MESS of SWG by ramrodding all this prequel-Clone Wars stuff into the game.

Publishers ALWAYS LOSE when it comes to fights with property owners about how to implement IP.

The CU was SOEs last chance to get it right on their own, and I always got the impression that LucasArts was the one directly behind all the special focus groups, and the ones who ramrodded the notion of turning SWG into a massive version of Battlefront (that SWG perhaps was intended to become BattleFront III) thus why it got all FPS-like for a while, and why the professions got so drastically condensed.

It might have worked had the NGE not been such a buggy, incomplete mess, that took away so mucvh w/o ANY compensation at all (like free game time, etc) that was forced on us in a bait and switch right after we all paid for the TOOW expansion. Given that TOOW was developed with the CU in mind, it was clear the NGE came out of the blue, and got forced down SOEs' throats as well. Otherwise, why was the expansion developed with CU mechanics in mind and not NGE? And why were profession revamps still being rolled out right up to the end?

anyway..Lucas and SOE raped us players not because of the NGE but because of they way they handled it. It was callous, uncaring, and damn near criminal (thus why SOE had to issue refunds for TOOW, talk about unheard of).

The saving grace now is that the game is no longer in any of their hands..its in OUR hands now. All I can say now to the lack of SOE, Lucas, and even Koster's influence now is good riddance. They had their chance and their combined efforts made the game FUBAR. They only listened to themselves and not the people actually playing.

How else would we wind up with content bases on the Holiday Special? I mean DAMN...to base so much of SWG off the single WORST piece of Star Wars material to ever exist?..and then expand on it? ..Ewok Festival of Love??... /barf actually flying ewoks with hearts on their chests and they looked EXACTLY like Care Bears!!! That killed it for me right there..I could not log in any more after seeing those. It was proof that the peolpe in charge simply had NO CLUE..

like who in the hell was asking for Meatlump Themepark? In all the threads over the years I cannot see where ANYONE was saying..ohhh I want Meatlumps..Hoth can wait!..sigh...

I agree with you mostly. However I wasn't sure with your difference of NGE and CU. I think you meant the CU was SOE's last chance like you said AND that NGE was LA taking over? If so, then I pretty much agree.

The one thing I don't agree with is that Raph Koster was also to blame for not listening to the community. On his blog website he lists 10 commandments he has followed for years maybe even decades. One of them lists not to change the game once you have a established a community. I believe tweaks and turns are ok like anything else. But not changing the game.

Anyways also reading posts from Raph on and off for a few years I've caught on his techniques. So saying he doesn't listen to the community i don't believe is true. One of the techniques he discussed was when creating a world and making trails/road he said devs can/should watch players go a certain path on their own and then draw the path trail/ road onto the world.

I've also seen him on other mmorpg forums. One of them was mmorpg.com Their forum when they had a forum for the swg vets. i remember a reply of his saying that swg might have worked if the IP wasn't star wars. So he'd probably agree you on that.
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