WHat did you do for content in preCU SWG?

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WHat did you do for content in preCU SWG?

Postby kinshi » September 1st, 2011, 6:03 pm

Curious to see how people spent their time in preCU SWG. We all know preCU SWG had very little 'content' compared to the themepark/guided progression MMOs (like EQ or WoW), so given that what did you do considering it was up to you for the most part to come up with your own content?

Also for those very avid players, what did you do once you unlocked Jedi and filled your template?

What made you keep wanting to log in?

additionally..for those who quit the game BEFORE the CU, please tell us why. What elements of preCU wound up keeping you away? (I know there are lots of you out there who found a lot of fault with SWG even in the 'golden' days of preCU).

Ill go first...

I spent my time filling the Master Ranger template, and doing rangery things, like harvesting LOTs of hide for AS, tracking down wild boars for Hero Quest folks, and helping up and coming rangers get their RIS armor components. I also spent good amount of time in PvP, yea A Ranger/Rifleman in PvP...me and the CHs used to harass Imperial bases, killing the NPCs, destroying turrets, etc. Nothing like seeing a Rancor tank a base turret.

Never did unlock Jedi..had no interest in it.. finally did become 'force sensitive' after the CU, but really could care less, I only did it to run quests with guildmates who just had to unlock.

I did quit for a while after launch. I was in beta, and played for 3 months after launch, but the early corpse runs, having to walk everywhere, lack of vehicles and mounts, and lack of player cities, and lack of space combat and not really understanding at first that the only thing to do really was run missions from terminals) It also took me a long time to realize that I actually had to shoot the lairs to kill them...at first, I thought they were bugged because the more I shot them, the more things kept spawning

I rejoined the following June at the behest of a former EQ guildmate who talked me into it, and gave me some gear to get started. However I had little cash, and when I landed on Dant, I was broke, and realized I went to the wrong outpost, as such I had to walk across the planet to get to his house before I could even get said gear (and I could kill anything on Dant as a Novice Scout. Got my Mask Scent skill up pretty fast however :D)
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Re: WHat did you do for content in preCU SWG?

Postby jowwarr » September 1st, 2011, 6:27 pm

I spent my time mastering Ranger and CH originally, so had not too many points left for self defense, once I also had Surveying4.
Eventually ended up dropping CH and mastered Rifle, then spent time hunting on behalf of Makkir, an AS on Valcyn, as well as selling ore to Jaye Mancurof, in Mos Veris, Tatooine. Any time he saw me, I was abused for being a free Wookiee. Jaye was Always in character, even on the forums so much so that some guy drove across three states to his house to abuse him?!? When he sent you OOC tells though he was a really nice guy.
Mos Veris was also full on, actually FULL ON, Imperial - most of the troopers there had Stormtrooper armour from quests etc and would go patrolling through the NPC cities on Tat, then rip any overt Rebs apart :lol:

Scored an invite to JTL beta and got that once it was released. Never did too much in space, maybe I will this time around.

I also had fun blasting around the swoop tracks as well as collecting all the badges I could find, eventually sucumbing to the unlock grind just before the CU hit. Not long after the CU I started working on a mine in the north-west of Western Australia on a 2 weeks on/ 1 week off roster. Paying for a month and only being able to play 1 maybe 2 weeks each month was not worth it in the end and I gave up.
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Re: WHat did you do for content in preCU SWG?

Postby Sostrata » September 13th, 2011, 5:04 pm

I made beautiful clothes! And I got the resources to make them myself. And I lived in a community with people I liked. And that was all the content I needed! I was busy all the time.
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Re: WHat did you do for content in preCU SWG?

Postby iskapiska » September 14th, 2011, 6:51 am

I started out my main character to become a bounty hunter and loved that aspect of the game! I<3LLC! The Imps never had a chance! :D

Then I discovered the AMAZING crafting system in the game and started my career as a crafter. that's what really made me wanting to log in... I had it all calculated down to the details... 45 minutes of pure crafting would give me this amount of xp, and eventually I measured rl time in crafting XP gained (or forfeited if I decided to other things!) haha. :D mastered both Armorsmith and Weaponsmith trees. Started the engineer tree aswell :)

Surveying was a big part of my everyday gameplay experience. Maintaining extractors and such :) loved it!
A big part of my community feeling came from setting out on selfmade quests (imaginery) in order to provide armor or weapons for guild mates :)
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Re: WHat did you do for content in preCU SWG?

Postby Josp » November 21st, 2012, 3:37 am

Well, when i wasn't exploring, or rp'ing in the cantina. I was mostly a merc for hire.
Being a carbineer meant that solo high end pve and pvp was pretty much a no go( "i bet i can kill me before you do" :roll: )
But I loved teaming up with a someone as a support, and I could usually knock just about anyone down if they kept their distance. And helping out newbies and doing some grinding with them took up a lot of my time.
When jtl came out i spent most of my time in space. And eventually made some nice credits from acting escort for other players.

Doesn't sound like much when i think back. But then again, swg wasn't as hectic as most mmo's are today, which is one of the main reasons i miss it :D
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