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End game reply

Postby badboy » April 1st, 2010, 3:58 pm

I got this from another forum , someone was talking about endgame and then another posted this i thought it was so good that i would post it here to share. I feel this post eminds us all why we miss pre cu.


End game was a phrase never really used by the community of SWG as far as I remember and this is my take on why this was (other opinions will ofc differ)

Raph Koster was the Creative Director back in the day and I believe he was the one who "had the dream" as it were on how SWG should evolve. I understand (maybe wrongly) that his idea was simple - Create the tools to allow the players to make up their own story while playing - the box even carried the tag line "The greatest Star Wars saga ever told - YOURS"

This differed from many MMO's that came afterwards because they were all prescriptive content.

WoW - Drops you in Ogrimmar and you will see a dood with a ! over his head and you will go and talk to him, he will say go do this so you do, then you will see another guy with a ! who will say go do this - and you do. This goes on until no more people have !'s over their heads and you reach a state of "on farm" where you and you buddies do the same content over and over until the next expansion comes out. There is no real movement from the set path, your decisions are driven by Blizzard and not by yourself.

You could not go to say Black Wing Lair UNTIL - You were a certain level, had certain gear, had specific others with you (unless you wanna wipe in 10 secs) etc etc

In SWG you get dropped in Coronet say and there is no dood with a !

So what do you do?

Well the point about the greatest saga is that you do what you want to do, that is why they tried to give you everything you needed to more "live" in the SWG world a bit like second life.

If you wanted to be a pure crafter and sell your wares you could go down a simple path that looked like

Artisan > Weaponsmith > be in a guild > gather resources > build a customer list and mail then when you have made better weps > Own a house to put your vendor in and also store your items in > redecorate that house > Own 2 houses. One in a guild city on Dant and another south of Coronet > make one a Merchant tent > set up your facories la la la la la


Select entertainer > train up until Master Dancer > also train TKM > go hunting with your pals > buff them in camp or spend the afternoon in the cantina > set up a band > go do concerts in player cities > hop off to the DWB with your guild > get a bit of medic so you can heal your friends la la la la la

The point is it was up to you, you did what you wanted to do. Now this was great for many of us and due to the shifting resource system, the fact you could solo most if not all things, could go anywhere and the fact when you got bored of being Master Dancer you could then drop it and go get master fencer all the time keeping TKM so you could kill stuff with your buddies meant that it really down to the players own creative thought to keep you entertained.

This freedom as I will call it confused a lot of people, loads, tons, hundreds and even thousands, they landed in Coro or similar and simply went so what do I do "anything you want" someone said "but there are too many combat choices im not sure" er head explode log off.

There a numberof way to decrease the chances of this head exploding moment occuring

1) Join a guild
2) Have that guild try and make a level 5 city with a shuttleport
3) Get static pvp bases set up in that city

This creates content for you, not necessarily by you.

As someone who had a Jedi, 12 point doc, sucessful crafting business with multiple vendors in multiple locations, made custom orders for people (not al items are the same or always available (this is really important) etc ec I was busy from the moment I logged in to the moment I logged off. I could be pvp'ing one evening or crafting schematics and loading my factories, checking vendor stocks, playing the mini game of find the resourses or the mini game of the trade forums, buy and selling from other players, making some custom orders, trying to get that last house and registered citizen for the shuttleport in our guild city, holding a fishing tournament ont he banls of theed for a laugh, placing harvestors to get my resources, hunting rare loot, looking for that exceptional rifle or maybe a legendary (they dont drop off 1 mob like Illidan where I know where he is and what I need to do to kill him - I need to work that out) etc etc etc

Several goals are pretty common though

Max template
PvP a bit
Own a house
Kill some mobs

Even then though there is a thousand ways to achieve this > solo, group, TKM, fencer, Dant, Corellia, Bestine, static pvp bases or roaming.............

End of the day the point I am trying to make is there is no real end game unless you make one in your head - maybe it looks like

Max tempalte
1800 pvp rating
Maxed resistances through armor or tapes
Use your 10 lots on houses and or factories
Own a legendary weapon
Become a forum legend
Become a feared sight in pvp
Own a pvp base in your city and hold it for 3 years, longer than anyone else

But then you go out one day and a mob drops an exceptional T-21 rifle and you are TKM/Fencer - what are you gonna do? sell it, give it away or swap to CM/Rifles and own in pvp some more lobbing poisons and strafe2'ing the crowd do death? - the story goes on until that weapon breaks, then what, find another, buy another, or switch template for summin else - its a never ending situation only as long as you dont go - that it ive finished, end game reached, there is nothing left for me to do - only lack of imagination, interaction and thought allows you to reach that point so it then becomes more game over for you not end game as others will not have the same route, journey or experiences on the way.

Its early and I need to go to work but if that helped brilliant, if it made it more confusing simply stand in coronet and shout "Where is the best place to gain swords exp PST" - you will get a load of different answers as the answer is not at this waypoint where the dood told you to go and when you are there kill 10 boars and then come back and I will send you off again.
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Re: End game reply

Postby niffk » May 19th, 2010, 9:27 pm

this is not only why people miss pre-cu so much, but also what drew me into it as a completely new SWG player. even playing the completely outdated and unfinished swgemu TC server, the game has drawn me in like nothing else i can think of. it really is unique, there is no simple 'end' problem that plagues so many MMOs.. hell, it feels like you can't even call pre-cu an MMO due to how repetitive and cloney all the other games are in the genre. pre-cu was something incredibly unique, and hands down the best MMO i have ever played - and i am so very glad that people are deciding to keep it going. :)
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Re: End game reply

Postby kinshi » May 25th, 2010, 5:31 pm

I have always hated the term 'endgame', its a MMO, not a shooter, there should never be an 'end' to the game, its not like other genres where you can 'beat' the game, in fact you play not to beat the game but to play in this virtual world and do your own thing.

That being said there should be more 'high-end things to do, not unlike the Vette or DWB, or the Geo-caves, etc. I would not call that end-game, but stuff geared for full-template players. SWG always had plenty to do for people still filling out their templates, but yea it could use more stuff once you get your dual mastery, and stuff other than grinding out Jedi (since all that is is just filling out yet another template).

Plus I would be picky about where I put dropped schematics and other loot addons for crafting..making sure the best stuff for that drops in the difficult areas, thus making those areas more attractive for people to play in, not to mention making sure good stuff shows up in those hard to get to loot boxes in the dungeons and the vette.
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Re: End game reply

Postby RevNeva » June 1st, 2010, 6:53 am

Slap a Hydrospanner in my hand....and I'll be Happy all day!!!

well said above.
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Re: End game reply

Postby Arbru » June 14th, 2010, 4:27 am

SWG was always this mysterious world to me. When I first started I didn't really have any plans other then to be an architect. I wanted to be the first on my galaxy to construct a player city. Since it wasn't implemented with launch I got bored of making houses all the time and wanted some action. So I started training up pistols and eventually it lead me into the commando tree. Before I knew it I was running around with a flamethrower loving life. I went from creating buildings to raiding them and burning their inhabitants. But the growing didn't stop there. Eventually I got interested in TK and Poles. I figured Jedi's lightsaber was a melee weapon, so might as well train in melee. This lead me to Dathimor and the sacred village of the force. It was back to the Commando tree once I became force sensitive. Flying around on a speeder bike lobbing grenades at Baz Nitches for combat exp.

Everyone has their own journey like you said above. I just thought I would share mine :)

I guess I just wanted to post an example of how you can start off wanting to do one thing and just get swept away into the world.
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