Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby Mjoelner » June 30th, 2010, 10:18 pm

Server(s): Intrepid
Starting date/patch: March 2004 / don't remember patch #
Ending date/patch/upgrade: November 2006 / NGE downgrade
Characters/Professions: Mjoelner /Master Ranger - Master Rifleman
PA: Blackhawks
Planet: Tatooine
City: Deux Soliel
Affiliation: Rebel

Also played as these characters in the same PA and city:
Achilles Kerbouchard: Master Combat Medic - Master Carbineer, affiliated with Imperial forces and Rebels at various times

Emmeril LaGasse: Master Chef - Master Artisan then Master Armorsmith - Master Artisan, no combat affiliation
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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby Neviah » July 1st, 2010, 2:06 pm

Server(s): Naritus
Name : Ramshihara Neviah
Starting date/patch: Launch
Ending date/patch/upgrade: Combat Upgrade
Characters/Professions: Trandoshan who cycled between TKM, Master Creature Handler, Bounty Hunter, Pikeman, and too many others I can't remember. Always did stick with TKM though.

I miss the people from Naritus. Am I the first Naritus-ian to post in this topic? After 7 pages rofl.
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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby Dr Shoeless » July 1st, 2010, 7:21 pm

Server: Flurry
Character: Fo' SHizl, K'illing MyLiver
Professions: All, I think. I was Rifle/Smug/Pistol when I quit; fav combo was 2 Hand/Doc
Dr Shoeless
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