Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby Madylyn » July 15th, 2009, 6:06 pm

Server(s): Corbantis was my main server. I also jumped around on Bloodfin, Intrepid, yadda yadda
Starting date/patch: Started launch day and played for quite a while, at least overlapping with WoW so early 2005, came back early-mid 2006 and didn't play too long because of crummy leveling system and a new baby. =)
Ending date/patch/upgrade: Ended Oct-Nov 2006
Characters/Professions: Madylyn BradWarden was my main: Master Pistoleer, Master Tailor (also mastered Dancer, Musician, Entertainer, Brawler, Medic, Marksman, Scout, & Artisan) I did a lot more post CU when I had to redesign myself, and also became a Rebel Pilot. I had other characters, an Imperial on one server, a solid entertainer on another, didn't play them much. I was also an assistant leader for the PA Safe Haven on Corbantis.

There, that was an earful!
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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have to played?

Postby Peej » July 15th, 2009, 9:49 pm

Schmunzel wrote:Europe Infinity :)

I was Master Doc MTKA until the cu hit then tried to get through somehow as weaponsmith
I left with the NGE

/me cheers for the HORDE on Dantooine

I remember them!


Server(s): Infinity
Starting date/patch: Patch 8
Ending date/patch/upgrade: 3 or so months Into the NGE. Quit then joined back up again 3months after then quit about a month after going back again. Then I think i might of joined up again like for a month and just quit again. It's pretty dead now...
Characters/Professions: Mastered a few professions back then. Swordman, Doctor, Teras Kasi, Pikeman, Rilfeman, Combat Medic

Loved my Master Teras Kasi/Doc
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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby Skriven » July 17th, 2009, 1:10 pm

Server(s): Starsider (I think)
Start Date: I have no clue, but it was close to launch. Probably late summer/early fall 2003.
End Date/Patch/Update: About a year after starting, before JTL launched. PC couldn't handle the game smoothly, so I canceled the subscription and cleared it off the hard drive. Haven't picked it up since...until yesterday.
Characters/Professions: Skorrak Dusk, Swordsman. I don't remember what level and I doubt anyone remembers me. The only other player I remember was a Beast Trainer called RabidDog. He was cool.
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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby DARKJEDIKNIGHT » August 2nd, 2009, 3:31 pm

Server(s):Bria, Infinity, Radiant, Farstar.

Start Date:Day1....well day 2 of release. couldn't even get logged on day 1 :|

End Date/Patch/Update: I quit after playing the first day of the nge.

Professions : I mastered every single profession no less than 3 times, and some as many as 20 times. I ran 14 accounts. I had 1 precu jedi, and ground out 7 other Jedi after the cu.


Scribblez....master bh
Scribblez....master cm
Coban.......master armorsmith/master artisian
Specops....master cm/ master rifle
Acky........master smuggler
Nozomi.....master doctor/ master ch

and way too many others to remember them all.
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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby Wulf » October 6th, 2009, 9:46 am

Played from launch to present.

Started on Lowca then moved over to Flurry when the character transfers started.

Wulf was my Wookie jack of all trades. Finally settled on Master Ranger/Master Rifleman with a pinch of medic. BH's loved me for my tracking abilities.

Once NGE hit I created Cy-Wulf, my human spy. I started a second account for awhile, but could not justify the added cost.

Currently I have my wookie renamed to Shapeshifter and Cy-Wulf who is now a structures trader/BM.
The Black Company (BC)
Wulf/Cy-wulf on Lowca (I will miss that server!)
Shapeshifter/Cy-Wulf on Flurry

Still active in game, six years running!
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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby birgitte » December 8th, 2009, 11:51 pm

I played on Radiant, 2 weeks after launch to two weeks after NGE.

I had two pre cu jedi accounts, one holo grind, one village.

Main character began as a MCH, then moved to TKM/Fencer/0040 pistoleer until holo grind.

Was the guild leader of TCell (Talusian Cell) for a very long time, was the mayor of New Caamas on Talus, until we moved the guild to Dantooine and I created Talusian Redemption.

Made millions in personal resource trade and ran a donated resource trade center for the guild to cover costs of running our city so that we could run with no taxes.

Characters: Birgitte Silverbow, Moghedien, Marigan, Aviendha, Drexiil

Does anyone remember that when the game first came out you died and a skeleton would be there where your body was after cloning, which slowly faded away after time? Remember when /cityban made the opposing character KOS after a timer was set off?

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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby Elusion » December 17th, 2009, 4:05 am

Server(s): Ahazi, Corbantis, Gorath, and a few more cant remember
Starting date/patch: first day...first quit date was at cu launch...master chef hologrind...hit day or so CU....started up again mid cu...till nge, heard news, was worried...went on till it happened, then sent angry letters and cancelled.
Ending date/patch/upgrade: When NGE went live...insta cancel. Never Looked Back. started playing world of warcrap...still playing...sadly nothing better =/
Characters/Professions: in terms of Names....yeaaaah no idea anymore.

1 jedi, 1 fsmbh, 1 mch, 1 cm, 1 tkm, more but i dont remember...seems so long ago...i doubt ill even remember how to decorate my house once this comes out..Twill be depressing.

edit: and god damn birg WoT fan much? lol
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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby Vasilli » December 28th, 2009, 7:49 pm

Server: Europe-Farstar. Born and bred.
Starting date/patch: November 10th 2004. Just after JTL?
Ending date/patch/upgrade: Still subscribed, but only logon every so often.
Vasilli Zaitsev: Master Marksman Pre-CU, CU TKM/Fencer/Doc 4xxx main temp, TKM/Fencer/bit of Pikeman for Jedi grind, unlocked Jedi 2 days before NGE. Currently a Commando.

Vasilla Zaitsev: Smuggler.

Vasillo Zaitsev: Medic.

Been in SDW ever since day 1 of CU.
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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby Izure » March 15th, 2010, 1:56 pm

Server: Bria

Starting Date: 2003 launch
End Date: NGE

Name: Sele

I was a master pistoleer with bh 3x4x and smuggle xx4x.

I never played any other class, because I am a god dam DUELER, and like my pistols! I like to hunt jedi as well.

I cant wait till a official launch of SWGemu comes out.
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Re: Star Was Galaxies - Where have you played?

Postby Jengu-fet » May 25th, 2010, 4:34 am

DARKJEDIKNIGHT wrote: I ran 14 accounts. I had 1 precu jedi, and ground out 7 other Jedi after the cu.


lolwut... why would you need 14 accounts accounts with only 8 jedi? ... 22 characters total...


Server(s): Bria
Starting date/patch: Publish 7 or 8
Ending date/patch/upgrade: First day of the NGE... ruined my life..
Characters/Professions: Jengu-fet .. pikeman before unlocking, Bebu .. mainly used as a merchant
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