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Postby washproof » March 12th, 2009, 1:02 pm

new content is what will make or break a dev team, its what drove and still does the player base to keep playing.

once the emu is up and stable with jtl, you can bet your ass that the dev teams and playerbase collective mind will shift to wanting to add new stuff and create...

there are already alot of mods for swg, there is a really nice jtl mod with updated bump maps and textures for the ships with see through cockpits n stuff...

the vision is with swg and its cult status within the star wars and mmorpg popular culture, that the community will want to keep creating on swg for years to come. with us all having bigger and faster machines than we did in 2003, there is no reason why swg can't become bigger and better than first thought. you gotta remember that what the emu teams are doing has never been done. when i first played swg back in 2003 there were no speeders or mounts, no player city, half the game systems had not be implemented or it just didn't work. soe was unable to deliver what the emu team are working towards.
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