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Postby Obi-Two » November 23rd, 2016, 12:51 pm

The new Git for all SWGANH::Java projects and Source code;

This will be a complete community in a box, providing all the tools and codes to bring pre-cu comunitys to life

The Java Server

The full open source code can be found here,
Two development branches have been made, Master and Develop (more to follow)
This to ensure that the master will always build. all development of the code should happen with in the Development branch, more specific branches will follow, for example a GUI branch to fix and update the server GUI ect

The Launcher
My wish list for a launcher,
  • Self contained - one folder for launcher/client, can be installed anywhere.
  • Validates client filed and download missing as needed.
  • Ability to manage user account, client options, customisable/re-skinable (community’s able to add there logo ect)
  • Multiple community support (one launcher for them all)

The Administration portal and website
My wish list for portal
  • reports
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