Ryzom - Another sandbox game biting the dust...

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Ryzom - Another sandbox game biting the dust...

Postby kinshi » September 9th, 2012, 1:34 am

http://atys.ryzom.com/start/app_forum.p ... ew/13945/1

They just announced they plan to merge from 3 server to 1 ..BUT..they also intend to do a WIPE in the process.

It seems they have some insurmountable technical issues that make it impossible or painfully difficult to do a merge correctly, and it sounds like they are running VERY short on funds (I would wager they do not have the funds to pay for development of a safe merging mechanism and that they have to merge the 3 servers sooner rather than later because they simply cannot afford to run them at present levels anymore).

Sadly, they are driving off all their paying players who have stuck with the game for a long time..they are angry..NGE angry, and are already quitting the game.

As such, its not dead yet, but appears to be on the fast track to the MMO graveyard, and they also have no intention of running a cash shop (as again they seem to lack the funds to pay to develop a cash shop, and their existing design does not support such a thing).

The fact the client/server/tools/code is all open source may be this MMO's last chance at life. Hopefully if they go under, they will release all their content to open source as well, so that turnkey, playable Ryzom shards run by the Ryzom community will be possible.
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Re: Ryzom - Another sandbox game biting the dust...

Postby Vidi » September 10th, 2012, 7:52 pm

I tried Ryzom the first time around right about when the CUNGE got started. It was ok but just didn't quite capture my attention fully. Last year, I tried Entropia. I like that a bit more but I still find it lacking. I wouldn't mind playing it again but I have been busy doing research. Anyone who has spare time, I would recommend giving it a shot but be warned: the learning curve is a steep one.
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