Hello, sorta new here...

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Hello, sorta new here...

Postby Khieran » July 4th, 2013, 3:56 pm

Hi Ive been poking around here for years off and on. I think I applied to help out when the NGE hit the fan. I have worked a bit on some of the other emu's. I helped a little with the Jedi server on the SWG Pre-CU team. Those guys were fun and I wish that team was still around. A while after that, I broke down and made the mistake of helping the SWGEmu guys. I made a ton of armor available for them and fixed their blue frog issues, then the guy I gave the files to took all the credit and told everyone how hard and long he worked on it. So I left that team, lol.

Anyway, I always liked this site. You guys were so quiet back then, but then and now there is just a more professional feel to this place and I am sooo happy to see youre still at it!

Im having a couple issues getting the code compiled, but its been a while, Ill figure it out before long.

Im looking forward to finally setting foot inside your work and poking around in it some!

Anyway, glad to meet you all and sorry I didnt say so sooner.
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