December 2013 Development Update

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December 2013 Development Update

Postby Viaron » January 2nd, 2014, 12:37 pm

Greetings Galaxy,

The following is the Monthly Development Update for December. SWG:ANH is open source and can be found on GitHub. You can track all commits to the servers repository here. If you are running a Testing Environment, bugs are reported through the issues module here.

:!: The Latest in Development and Quality Assurance

We now have a Mantis Bug Tracker for tracking all bugs. Check that out here. We have also closed Quality Assurance applications as that department is now full. Our development team is currently working on rewriting and changing the functionality of our old core, rather then development of a new core. More information on this will be provided soon.

:idea: The Latest Commits Are:

(From Commit: 5bd772a3ab)
  • [Changed] Use boost log instead
  • [Changed] all now linked dynamically
  • [Removed] Google Log

(From Commit: 7b24cf31a9)
  • Spoiler:
    I realize this isnt necessarily *the best* way of doing it (tm) and probably not finished yet (and not necessarily very consistent) you are heartily invited to contribute to that added namespace swganh and database to the database and the loginserver added the kernel and service code of the new core. Still need to get it functional to use it to register our services. The plan is to be able to register several zones (simulation services)as to be able to get instances in some changes to cmake files got rid of lua
    Boost::log will now save the logs as zoneserver.log / loginserver.log etc

(From Commit: 9e56069296)
  • [Changed] work on the CMAKE files - /MP is now standard for better compile times
  • [Changed] there has been some reoranization of source code
  • [Added] I did my best to accomodate the swgpy objects that will be created by compiler for the coming Services
  • [Changed] all dependencies are now found and added by cmake
  • [Changed] the new Cores Kernel; App; Terrain; Plugin; scripting; TRE and Event dispatcher Code has been transferred and integrated. So far everything will compile with VS 2010
  • [Added] Documentation to the clock() and Scheduler() classes
  • [Added] some random documentation
  • [Removed] got rid of BString in the WorldConfig

(From Commit: f71fe50517)
  • [Fixed] an issue where the chatserver would start spamming the console after an hour or so
  • [Added] heartbeat to the connectionserver so the db wont go away
  • [Removed] got rid of some includes in player.h - readded those includes to depending (*.cpp) as necessary
  • [Changed] this should reduce compile times remarkably
  • [Changed] upgraded a few references to use item Ids instead of pointers to reduce crashes due to invalid (stale) pointers (mostly in the equipmanager and the entertainers audience)
  • [Fixed] fixed an iterator issue in cellobject.cpp where the list the iterator was referencing was modified (element removed) by the worldmanager thus invalidating the iterator
  • [Removed] got rid of some more BString
  • [Fixed] the equipmanager now keeps better track of player hair and the default weapon. Both are now added to the main Object Map
  • [Fixed] moved some timer removals to the appropriate destructors (of ham and the stomach)
  • [Fixed] finalized the integration of the new cores datastore and service code into this code
  • [Fixed] work to get the terrain service working
  • [Fixed] the stomach will now be checked every second instead of every milisecond
  • [Fixed] added some more documentation
  • [Fixed] moved and upgraded the entire configuration option code to the swganh::app()

(From Commit: 1a704bb273)
  • [Fixed] an issue were in the case of packet loss the server would send the wrong OOP sequence to the client
  • [Fixed] the app now first loads the general.cfg before loading the server respective cfg files
  • [Fixed] the thread priority for the active object queues has been reduced

(From Commit:
  • [Fixed] upgraded the Worldmanager to hold a kernel reference
  • [Fixed] uses this reference to access kernel ressources in the worldmanager and related managers
  • [Changed] start using the terrain service to access height data
  • [Changed] start phasing eruptors heightmap out

(From Commit: d25e9bc533
  • [Changed][Major] Linux Build

:arrow: Code Change Statistics:

Modified: 1316 files
+ 36,189 lines
- 16,331 lines

May the force be with you!
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