January 2014 Development Update

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January 2014 Development Update

Postby Viaron » February 3rd, 2014, 8:48 am

Greetings Galaxy,

The following is the Monthly Development Update for January 2014. SWG:ANH is open source and can be found on GitHub. You can track all commits to the servers repository here. If you are running a Testing Environment, you can report bugs on Mantis Bug Tracker. If you are interested in contributing, you can read a guide on contributing with git here.

:!: A few quick changes:

SWG:ANH has returned to the development of our 2nd Core. With that, we have returned to our Github Repository located here. The following is a brief announcement outlining the changes by our Development Leader, Schmunzel.

Schmunzel wrote:While the last three years were spent developing key technology to get the wheels behind the server turning,
the time has now come to take this technology and apply it to the SWG:ANH server. At this point this will mean two things:

1) the return to the proven (and at times not quite so polished ) first core with its solid networking foundation

2) the port of key technologies which were developed in the mean time to the SWG:ANH Core Server in order to improve its stability and its applicability to content developers

:idea: The Latest Commits Are:

  • [Added] Initial Commit: Boost posix:time time interval functionality to the clock this will now be used to circumvent the midnight time madness issue. (From Commit: 2ccd36c2b1)
  • [Added] Some Missing Files (Commit #66a464d485)
  • [Removed] Bad Files (From Commit #153396a1cc)
  • [Fixed] Issue were the posix_time in the clock object wasnt initialized properly on start (From Commit #3ce82d8604)
  • [Fixed] an issue with auto serialization of YALP Packets were erroneously the creature ID was given
    [Fixed] an issue with waypoint deletion were the playerObject was erroneously cast to a datapad
    [Fixed] an issue with the swganh_app threadpool were the io_thread pool was reduced to zero.
    (All From Commit #d280081275)
  • [Fixed] Session Issue,
    [Fixed] Crash issue by portin the UI Callbacks from the structures to the structuremanager - thus the deleted structure object now cannot crash the client on callback,
    [Removed] Some more BString
    [Changed] UI callbacks will now use shared_ptr
    [Changed] UI Manager will now accept async containers for windows (via shared_ptr)
    (From Commit: ef0809119f)
  • [Removed] More B-String
    [Changed] some wstring to u16string (u16string is 2bytes across all platforms whereas wstrinng is platform dependant)
    [Added] the mmoserverdb with all relevant tables to run the current build
    [Added] the /kick command for admins it will kick the player and ban him for an amount of time
    [Added] admin teleport teleportto teleporttarget to the skillcommands db
    [Added] aforementioned commands are currently granted at novice_admin level
    [Added] the log server will now check every 5 seconds for players whose ban have expired
    (From Commit: 78a8554469)
  • [Added] Object Query Work (From Commit: 15a9af842)
  • [Removed] Unnecessary Assert (From Commit: 45be07a94f)
  • [Fixed] An issue with admin commands
    [Added] new support for chain events (From Commit: a848b50788)
  • [Fixed] Major MySQL Database Leak (From Commit: 1ad69138c2)
  • [Fixed] Small Player Housing Bug (From Commit: 7fa6efcc9a)
  • [Added] Implemented Auto Deltas for Inventory Credits
    [Added] Implemented Auto SQL Updates for Inventory Credits both of them using events
    (From Commit: dc64605576)
  • [Added] work on the framework
    [Changed] renamed getters and setters for the player banks homeplanet and getting and setting the amount of cash / inventory credits accordingliy to getCredits / setCredits
    [Added] updateCredits will now add / or deduct Credits for the inventory or the Bank
    [Added] These functions are now thread safe, also they will call Persist and Delta Events
    [Added] Implemented the first Persist Events in the CreatureFactory to persist the players Credits and the PlayerBank
    [Chagned] updated the Creo 1 BAseline to showcase a little cleaner code
    [Removed] the old manual Deltas for Credits
    [Changed] the Factories to accept the Kernel instead of the DB as initialization parameter. This will enable use of the eventmanager for Persist Events
    [Changed] will now always be represented as uint32 instead of int32
    (From Commit: daab40ffd7)

  • [Removed] Cleared Out Old Core - (Commit: #fd541f6c0f)
  • [Merge] from schmunzel/RewriteOldCore - (Commit #816fc4cb36)
  • [Changed] Updated README (Commit #e0688c7f62)
  • [Changed] Admin System Messages (From Commit: a27d48ad56)

:arrow: Code Change Statistics:

Modified: 1.775 files
+ 405,811 lines
- 388,013 lines

May the force be with you!
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