Febuary 2014 Development Update

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Febuary 2014 Development Update

Postby Obi-Two » March 1st, 2014, 9:49 am

Greetings Galaxy,

The following is the Monthly Development Update for February 2014. SWG:ANH is open source and can be found on GitHub. You can track all commits to the servers repository here. If you are running a Testing Environment, you can report bugs on Mantis Bug Tracker. If you are interested in contributing, you can read a guide on contributing with git here.

:!: A few quick changes:
Some major changes to SWG:ANH, we bid a fond farewell to Zantox as he stepped down from the Community leader role, although he will be hanging around in our IRC channel from time to time. Schmunzel has been hard at work on the old core applying new technology's with work focused on stability. Lots of back end work has been accomplished this month, not to mention a complete rewrite of the H.A.M code.

Schmunzel wrote:
I am updating the framework to be able to use information out of the tres. Most importantly the slot and containment system, this means amassive improvement to the framework and the ability to change behaviour by just changing information in the tres

:idea: The Latest Commits Are:
Further information on comits can be found here

February 4th
[Fixed] an issue with buffs where a copy of a buff would be made and retained that would prevent future buffs from being made (and be a memory leak).
[Implemented] a concurrent queue holding pointers to messagefactory in the messagelib which is used to provide concurrent messagefactory access.
[Complete Rewrite] of the creature ham - we now have a hammanager dealing with the gamelogic and accessing the creature Object for its data.

February 5th
[Updated] the PlayerObject<event to use PlayerObject* only and not the mixture out of shared and classic pointer.
[Fixed] an issue with senddelta were a message could be orphaned when the recipient was invalid.

February 6th
[Fixed] a regression were callbacks of the UI Manager weren't taken up because the callback functions parameters weren't updated.
[Fixed] an issue where the boost time was initialized with universal time and later returned the local time.
[Resolved] an issue where the clock wouldn't update in chat log and connectionservers as it has been taken out of the messagefactory.

February 8th
[Added] the wound menu to the standard blue frog menu.
[Updated] some more messages to use the threadsafe message lib to prevent the old event (state) manager from crashing the server.
[Added] some debug code to delve depper in the remaining ooo packet issues.
[Fixed] an issue with using crates / stackables with crafting.
[Fixed] an issue with battle fatigue with the ham.

February 15th
[Initial Commit] to get some code to the repository.

February 24th
[Add] more work on the frame work.

February 25th
[Fixed] an issue with improper initialization for item customization.
[Add] more work on zoning.
[Add] work on getting playerObject out of the Object chain so that it can be equipped as intended by SOE.

:arrow: Code Change Statistics:

Modified: 91 files
+ 2,259
- 1,035

May the force be with you!
The SWG:ANH Development Team

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