March 2014 Development Update

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March 2014 Development Update

Postby Obi-Two » April 5th, 2014, 2:09 pm

Greetings Galaxy,

The following is the Monthly Development Update for March 2014. SWG:ANH is open source and can be found on GitHub. You can track all commits to the servers repository here. If you are running a Testing Environment, you can report bugs on Mantis Bug Tracker. If you are interested in contributing, you can read a guide on contributing with git here.

:!: A Brief update:
Well were in the final stages of incorporating the chosen code from the new core into the old core. This is the biggest part of the rewrite. We hope to be testing this in the months to come. You may notice this moth had a lot of [Bug] and [Fixed] entry, this is due to the tireless efforts of Schmunzel integrating new technology's in to the old core putting us in a great place for future development.

:idea: The Latest Commits Are:

March 4th
[Reworked] the PlayerObject out of the Object Inheritance chain after the creature Object. The playerObject will now be a descendant of intangibleObject and get equipped through the equip service to the "ghost" slot
March 6th
[Bug] Fixes
March 9th
[Bug] Fixes
March 13th
[Fixed] the saving of the player to use the proper IDs
[Fixed] loads of Objectcontroller messages to use the proper IDs
March 19th
[bug] Fixes
March 23th
[bug] Fixes concerning the position (creature vs ghost)
March 25th
[Fixed] Range issues on conversations
[Fixed] Swoops can now be called and stored and be ridden
[Fixed] Swoops now display proper rocket output
[Fixed] Swoops can now be mounted and dismounted without causing issues
[Fixed] Issues with spawning in the world
[Fixed] some messages now again send correctly (they were confused by ghosts and bodies)
March 27th
[Fixed]Crafting and using deeds
March 30th
[Fixed] States and postures now update automatically on change
[Fixed] Issue with ev checks and pv checks where the posture was mishandled
[Fixed] Posture now is uint8 which fixes posture issues the client had
[Fixed] Evstate issue where posture and locomotion were swapped
[Fixed] Issue were the deed checked the ghosts parent instead of the body's parent
[Fixed] The swoops issues by taking the swoop out of the auto add/remove this will not work due to several reasons one of them being the autoupdates for the equiplist the other being auto creates and deletes for bystanders. As we cannot simply transfer the container it will be done the old fashioned way
[Fixed] The swoop can now be mounted and dismounted and stored properly it will always be driveable and will display the jetstream properly
[Fixed] Messages for manually sending posture and state updates have been removed

:arrow: Code Change Statistics:

Modified: 79 files

May the force be with you!
The SWG:ANH Development Team

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