So...We're not dead....yet

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So...We're not dead....yet

Postby Obi-Two » August 2nd, 2017, 9:45 am

I posed this question in our discord chat

What for you made Swg so great? Why are so many trying to make the emulator? In your opinion.
I loved this response,
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Damuras - Today at 1:51 PM
it was THE greatest sandbox game of its time. The game had many different meta games in side of it as well.
I really liked the HAM system and battle fatigue. It required you to participate in non PVP/PVE play(edited)
that created living cities and communities
IT also helped that in addition to the NPC cities you can also have your own, which allowed for imperial and rebel cities to be build up and besieged. that was also quite fun
In the early days you had to plan your hunts and bring the right people for you to succeed. A ranger for camps, a doctor to patch you up or revive, an entertainer to heal your fatigue ( if it was a long hunt ),  a TKM to keep your enemy down, and maybe a rifleman to pull in the harder mobs one by one
its was such a diverse game with so many different was to play, yet making everyone an integral part of the world.
Doctors needed patients to heal, and architects to build and sell factories/harvesters so they could make their buffs and stims to sell to combatants.

Combatants needed stims/buffs from top doctors to keep going, entertainers to heal their fatigue from long fights, weapon and armor smiths to gear them up and repair, architects to build them homes to display their loots.
It was a web of connectivity between everything.
Then you had meta games to play, like rolling chance dice for loot, card games, food and drink ( buffs )
each system worked so well together. Unfortunately it was not that profitable since WoW came around and change how MMOs were defined.
early SWG had no tutorial!  I made my character, picked a star port and was dropped off and tatooine with a crappy knife, basic gear clothing for my starting profession, and a melon to eat.
MMOs now do such much hand holding you are not required to think, its really quite sad.
I made some good friends in that game.... I still talk to a couple of them
Actually had a guild meeting in Nashville, TN for a weekend of fun.
Also being able to take over a city in the GCW was really fun too....

so how about you guys, why do we keep coming back to swg?

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Re: So...We're not dead....yet

Postby Vlada » August 5th, 2017, 3:58 am

Cant come back if you never leave.
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