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Postby twdmullins » April 23rd, 2013, 3:53 pm

So i came here to get away from all the camping farmers for a bit and thought i would try real jedi as opposed to NGE jedi.

I played in 2004 on shadowfire, then chimaera as it was on my timeline and shadowfire was as good as dead. I got to my last box on the vilage grind as i used to play my CH a lot and didnt know the game as i knew it was going to end! So i came here to try real jedi, now from what i have read it is already nerfed from publish 9, but should still throw a punch.

Over the last couple of days i have been on the server and found a bit of help from a couple of players, but still need a load of info as this is a quiet server and no capped resources on vendors to craft sabers etc;

Can jedi knight be reached through the frog, or is a bit of grinding needed?
Can server best resources for sabers be obtained?
Can crystals and pearls be obtained?
And as above can a top rank jedi be obtained through the frog only, does grinding jedi make any difference?
Does BH over here work, and does a jedi apear on the radar if abusing powers?

Probably a load of other stuff i missed, if so fill in the gaps 8-)
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Re: Jedi

Postby blacknights » December 21st, 2013, 4:34 am

Were you able to find any of this out? If not, when Im able to log in Ill test some of it and post the results.
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