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Wiki & SOE Forum Backups

Postby snow » August 13th, 2017, 1:50 am

Hi Everyone,
just wanted to let you all know, that the all SWGANH sites have been down for a few days now.

Don't be alarmed as nothing is wrong, I'm just doing a hardware change / upgrade here, and am migrating things to the new VM's, and it's taking a bit of time...

I figured since I'm moving to new hardware might as well, get a few software upgrades done in the process, as I'd like to move away from having to run a copy of CentOS v.5 in order to have these sites live.

So that being said, the wiki has now been upgraded to a supported version of MediaWiki, believe it or not, we were 20 versions behind what's considered stable today... Needless to say the upgrade took quite a bit of effort...

The wiki will be online sometime tomorrow.

As for the SOE forum archive, I'll get to that once the wiki is live, hoping that the forums wont take as long to migrate to the new webserver.

As for the remainder of the websites, I'm not sure that I'll be bringing them back online, as the webserver logs don't indicate any real usage over the past 6 months...

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