Our Next Milestone - Basic Professions

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Which basic profession should we focus on first?

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Re: Our Next Milestone - Basic Professions

Postby kinshi » June 20th, 2010, 6:10 pm

I would suggest Politician as you MUST have that for cities, and I know how much work has been done on cities already as such I think you could wrap it up pretty fast. With that you would have EVERYTHING to do with the USE of structures complete.

Outside of that I would complete Medic/CM/Doc since you have already put a lot of work in, and they are all closely related. (plus it offers some prelim work into combat in regards to state changes and DoTs with Combat Medic.
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Re: Our Next Milestone - Basic Professions

Postby Lloydyboy » June 21st, 2010, 3:03 am

Kronos wrote:As you have said yourself Artisan is already very close to being complete, so lets knock out the rest of it and then start hammering away on combat.

The problem is we don't need all our devs working on it to complete it. 2 devs should be able to finish it quickly. One working on vendors, and the other more DB oriented working on schems. I volunteer Sch (as she did bazaar originally, and did crafting implementation too) and Rouse (who came up with the schem tool).

After those 2 devs we have the rest of the team twiddling their thumbs...which is why I suggest we start on the more involved stuff which needs more done to complete it.
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Re: Our Next Milestone - Basic Professions

Postby apathy » June 21st, 2010, 3:14 pm

Focusing on the basic professions one at a time and coming up with a design document that completely describes them has a second purpose as well, allowing us to see what core systems need attention in terms of the professions that are built on top of them.

We do need all our devs contributing to the design of each major profession, because it's not just the professions that are getting attention but all the aspects of the server that they require in order to function as well. So I have to disagree with you there Lloydyboy, while there is a good chunk of Artisan that is functional none of it is documented and none of the systems it's features rely on are documented. This leads to things like new timing systems being created to handle things when one already exists, lots of ad-hoc stuff has been thrown together to make Artisan function as much as it does.

Also, we need to stop worrying so much about catering to community players. Yes, they should have some impact but they should not dictate where we spend our time on, especially if it means glossing over some of the more important things just to get combat in. The important thing to remember though is we're just open source, we are NOT at a 1.0 release... any community player's are alpha/beta testing and their expectations should be set by us (ie., if combat isn't in don't be promising player's the world, tell them it isn't in yet and to focus on other things).
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Re: Our Next Milestone - Basic Professions

Postby Schmunzel » June 22nd, 2010, 5:45 am

If I would have anything to say, then I would wrap up crafting and then move on to combat related stuff.
So artisan - brawler sounds cool to me.

If PK stops being a sissy he can implement politician and playercities right after guilds while you guys work on the artisan / combat stuff

Ill be happy to wrap up scout should my spawnmanager ever get ready
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