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MMOServer Build

Postby oswin » July 17th, 2016, 1:21 pm


Windows: Visual Studio 2013

To build the server on Windows in your directory find the CMakeList.txt

Code: Select all
comment out this line to look like this :

Code: Select all

do the same with
Code: Select all

next we need to download the deps for the project from
Code: Select all

After this is downloaded open the directory and find build_deps.bat edit this file
we are adding the boost/atomic to the build but we need to add it in.
look at line 83 in your text editor and add in --with-atomic

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cmd /c "bjam.exe" --toolset=msvc-12.0 --with-log --with-atomic

save your work

now lets go into the tools folder in you main project then in the cmake folder we need to edit 2 files
MMOServerExecutable.cmake & MMOServerLibrary.cmake

lets start with MMOServerExecutable.cmake
at the end of the file comment out lines 170 & 171
Code: Select all

then lines 180 & 181
Code: Select all
#optimized ${TBB_LIBRARY}
#optimized ${TBB_MALLOC_LIBRARY}

save and lets edit MMOServerLibrary.cmake
comment out lines 124,125, 131, 132
Code: Select all
            #debug ${TBB_LIBRARY_DEBUG}
            #debug ${TBB_MALLOC_LIBRARY_DEBUG}     
            #optimized ${TBB_LIBRARY}
            #optimized ${TBB_MALLOC_LIBRARY}

         ) <<<<< make sure that this is not commented out

ok we should be ready to build the deps

lets go back into the deps folder
run the build_deps.bat

this might take a few so lets get some coffee :lol:

after your deps are built we now need to copy the souce code and and the binaries for tbb

run CMake

in Cmake select your " Where is the source code " to locate your project source code
next we tell cmake where to build the binaries this is up to you

lets now configure it for VS2013
then press ok when selected
everything should be ok if you see errors in the bottom screen then we missed a step some wheres

if no error are found then click on Generate

now close cmake and lets go to the build directory that you just generated your binaries too

after your deps are built we now need to copy the souce code and and the binaries for tbb

go into your deps\src
next in the tbb folder

copy the include folder and then place it into your main\mmoserver\build\src folder so VS2013 can file TBB
next we need to copy tbb binaries to the source fold too

the binaries we are looking for is in deps\src\tbb\build\vs12\ia32

just copy and paste vc12 folder and place it in you main\mmoserver\build\src folder

you should now be able to open
with VS2013

when in VS2013 check your error list outputs at the bottom and if you see cant find tbb includes then we have placed the source code form tbb in the wrong folder i place them in both folders of my build
meaning the main source the we downloaded from github and the build directory from cmake

if vs2013 can find your tbb then we are almost done with setup

in your Solution Explorer right click on your chatserver and click on properties
in the properties we then need to link tbbs Libs
we do this from the linker \ general \ then look for Additional Libary Directories

we edit this to point to our vc12\ia32 that we copied to the source directory

do this to all your projects that show linker in the property window

now we should be able to build

if u get any errors on the error output then we have missed a step somewhere

hope this helps

side not i have seen my computer log out when it gets to the zoneserver build but i don't have the best pc so it might not happen to you

Good luck with your server
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