Project re-started, making extreme headway

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Project re-started, making extreme headway

Postby kinshi » August 22nd, 2012, 3:20 pm

Well folks we have ourselves a case of hiatus interruptus , or in simpler terms, this 'halt' in development is over, and development resumed with a bang.

Details you say?

Well we got Rcythr (aka Powerking) involved in the project and he and Kronos have been doing some heavy-duty tag-team development since the last announcement to bring us to a point where nearly all our foundational work is complete. We also have Rexz & Chris joining us, jumping in and getting their hands dirty with Python-based feature implementation (In fact , Rexz continued where JohnShandy left off and just about has the Weather system done). Snow has also rejoined the effort, contributing all sorts of work on the database, getting it ready for full-fledged feature development.

That is to say, at this very moment, 0.5.0 completion is imminent (some bug fixing, cleanup, and testing at this stage), and development of 0.6.0 is already underway. (we will let you know when 0.5.0 is official and it will get put in the Master branch as a milestone release.

But what do we get with 0.5.0 you ask? Pretty much everything you need to go hog wild on feature development, such as;

    Fully featured character creation along with stuff like restricted name lists, and bad word filters
    Implementation of the SUI (Server UI, that stuff that drives the myriad of in-game windows)

    Ability to equip gear on your character

    Radial menu functionality enabled

    Spatial index system implemented (among other things, this is what makes you disappear from another players view after a certain distance)

    Loading of IFF data tables directly from the client TRE files on the server

    Server ability to read terrain data from the client TRN files

    Cooldown timer system implemented (for commands such as /burstrun)

    The full ANH database functionality, along with its array of stored procedures (this is a biggie, enables a lot of feature development for 0.6.0)

    Python console on the server, allows the admin to run execute python commands/scripts just as they would from a normal Python command line, allows you to manipulate objects in game, real-time w/o having to restart the server.
Other things enabled with 0.5.0;

Ability to move player objects between scenes (you can now load multiple planets, and move players between them using the python console, the planet loading is hard-coded for the moment but can be changed)

Initial command implementation as a demo of how scripted commands work. (such as /burstrun, /addfriend, /duel, /attack). Also demonstrates how these commands are ties to the various ANH plugin services (like player service, combat service, social service, etc.)

FYI: you can alter the Python scripts real-time, no need to restart the server, as such if you wanted to say change the cooldown time for /burstrun real-time and test the effect, you may, and no restart required.

There is also a small array of other items, too numerous to mention. Noe what you see right now on 0.5.0 is not the final cut for the afore mentioned systems, but is the foundation. Its stuff that had to be done before full-fledged feature development could truly begin, which leads me to this next post....0.6.0
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Re: Project re-started, making extreme headway

Postby kinshi » August 22nd, 2012, 3:39 pm that was 0.5.0 ... so what comes next?

Version 0.6.0, and FINALLY things really start to get interesting from a feature development standpoint. This is where the Python developers can really start sinking their teeth into the project and making actual game features, the stuff lets you PLAY this game.

So, in no particular order or priority, here is whats on deck for 0.6.0

    Attributes system (the stuff that comprises player stats, and the stats for items). This is one of those items that needed the 0.5.0 database work.

    Static & Dynamic Spawns,quite a laundry list of functionality represented with this one, but that includes things like loading objects like trainers and terminals, not to mention creature lairs, indoor/outdoor pathing, and spawned creature AI. Also includes stuff like spawn regions, permission types, etc. Short Version: This enables a LOT of other things.

    The combat service. Yes, the pew pew stuff. That stuff where line of sight gets checked, modifiers applied, to-hit chances checked, etc. etc. along with the resulting HAM changes. Along with this comes cloning being added to the player service. It also includes things like equipping of weapon objects..and as you can see now, how having that attribute stuff done first is pretty much a requirement. (and is the first 0.6.0 being worked on as I type this)

it goes with out saying the other things thet come along with the implementation of the combat services as they are needed, that includes the implementing of the Novice combat professions, along with their various special attacks and stat modifiers, and of course the trainers needed to get new skills.

By the end of 0.6.0, you will be able to get your pew-pew on (or if a brawler type, get your kick-face on)

Other goodies coming in 0.6.0;

The weather service. Its pretty much done already in 0.5.0, not sure atm if it will make it for 0.5.0, but will likely make its debut early in 0.6.0.

Trade services. This is your basic trade request stuff, along with the fundamentals for implementing the bazaar terminals, bank terminals, and eventually merchants.

On the documentation side of things, the Doxygen C++ docs will be completed, along with documentation of the internals of scenes & instances.
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