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HAM System

Postby MerakBashee » February 8th, 2009, 12:15 pm

Long time ago me and a friend got in a discussion of how the HAM system probably worked/should work on Pre-CU. Sincen neither of us played during Pre-CU time (Both of us only playing during NGE), the argument was firce, and left us without a final answer.

Since there's a lot of Pre-CU people here, and more importantly, ANH is making the emulator as Pre-CU, I figured someone could answer me how HAM worked exactly.

Here is how I believe (guess) it worked:

  • Health Bar: General physical status of the character, regulating his physical condition. Depleeting it by striking torso and other critical areas led to KO and eventually death.
  • Action Bar (Or Stamina Bar, that green one?): General stamina of the character, was used up whenever the character performed an action, such as firing at a bantha, slaping a guy who tried to feel you up, or making a droid. Depleeting by striking arms and legs would result in the character unable to do anything, and eventual KO status (But not death).
  • Mind Bar: General mental status of the character, used when the character performed special abilities, those requiring more focus than normal tasks, thus demanding more of the character's mental state. Depleeting it via shooting the dude in the head kept him from using special skills... and KO and Death?

Anyway that's how I guessed that HAM system worked, by basic logic really, and that's how I wish it worked because it means we'd have a little bit of strategy on our hands when it comes to fighting, y'know? Rather than "Just shoot whatever you do most damage at and kill them!". It'd also lead people to organizing their status according to their play style too, for example an entertainer putting more points on stamina and mind to perform long performances.

So... now that I explained how I believe it worked. Will someone tell me if I'm right, or completely wrong? Or maybe 50/50? :D
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Re: HAM System

Postby snow » February 8th, 2009, 1:56 pm

Almost there :)

PreCU featured 3 Main Stats (H/A/M) with several substats that affected various aspects of the main 3 stats

+ (Strength) - Affected cost of specials against the Health Bar
+ (Constitution) - Affected Health Bar renegeneration

+ (Stamina) - Affected cost of specials against the Action Bar
+ (Quickness) - Affected Action Bar regeneration


+ (Focus) - Affected cost of specials against the Mind Bar
+ (Willpower) - Affected Mind Bar regeneration

Each of the three main stats (H/A/M) would incapacitate the character, 3 incaps resulted in death...

Each special that your character had, had a HAM cost associated with it, as well as a multiplier, these got applied to both Action and the Mind bars, but not the Health bar, thus executing a special in game had a cost associated to it, as there were no 'visible' timers, at least not special related.

Armor also played a huge impact (buffs aside) on the character stats, via encumbrance, each armor item had it's HAM cost associated, which mostly affected the secondary stats, during the early days of the game, it was almost impossible to put on a full suit of composite armor, partly due to the crafters not being able to make the best items, as well as doctors being almost non-existant, so everyone ran around in a mix and match type wardrobe...

One of the biggest issues with this system is the lack of ability to have the Mind bar healed, and that's what caused significant balance issues during the early days of the game...

I hope this clears up the mystery behind precu HAM mechanics.

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Re: HAM System

Postby MerakBashee » February 8th, 2009, 2:45 pm

Hmm so that's how it works. I guess my friend was right then XD.

Thanks for the intel.
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Re: HAM System

Postby Peej » July 14th, 2009, 7:27 pm

Even more reason for the manual!! :D
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