ANH Quality Assurance FAQ

How can I become a tester for SWG:ANH?

Apply! Applications may be sent to Please send us a few paragraphs that tell a little about you, why you would like to be a tester, the name of your main avatar, and the server you played on. If you are a member of a SWG community, please include a link to your community profile and the name by which you are known. If you are not a member of a SWG community, provide a link to any community where you post and the name by which you are known there. If you do not post anywhere, tell us why.

Is QA testing fun?

Quality Assurance testing is a job that is a lot of fun for the right person! You will be in a familiar environment, surrounded by friendly people with common interests. But it is a job. It is not the same as playing the game. It takes time and can be repetitive.

Would I be a good tester?

Are you friendly, cooperative, and optimistic? Are you able to concentrate and stay focused? Do you like to figure things out? Are you patient? Do you write well? Would you agree to abide by our policies and practices? If the answer to these questions is "yes," then you would!

Exactly what does a tester do?

A tester looks for mistakes, weaknesses, unexpected results, unintended consequences, unusual outcomes, and things that do not make sense. Once he or she has found something, the tester tries to repeat the event and discover other things that may have an effect on it.

QA testers have a web-based bug reporting system where they write descriptions of the problems they have identified. By posting well-written descriptions, accompanied by documentation, such as screenshots or crash logs, testers can provide our developers with good information to assist them to investigate and correct deficiencies.

How much time are QA testers expected to devote to testing?

We expect our QA testers to test for no less than three hours a week, or twelve hours per month. Most good testers work significantly more hours. QA testers often develop partnerships with old or new friends and meet regularly as a team or group during certain hours. Our testers and our developers live all over the world, so there is likely to be someone on the server at any hour of the day or night.

What software would I need to be a QA tester?

Your legal copy of Star Wars Galaxies; the SWG:ANH client, patches, and other files that will be made available to you; and an internet relay chat client, such as mIRC, HydraIRC or ChatZilla.

Can I QA test if I didn't play pre-CU or CU SWG?

Yes, but not just yet. At this stage we need experienced players. But we will need you later!