General FAQ

What is SWG:ANH?

We are all volunteers in the non-profit organization called Star Wars Galaxies: A New Hope (ANH). ANH is devoted to the emulation of the massively multiplayer role playing game Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) and the experience that was Pre-CU.

What is Pre-CU SWG?

Pre-CU (Pre-Combat Upgrade) Star Wars Galaxies refers to the game as it was played during and prior to the publish 14.1 of the game, just before the "Combat Upgrade" (CU) was implemented. Our Team believe strongly that this was a highpoint for the game, with many iconic features and memorable experiences before the various changes were brought about by the level based combat during the "CU" period. Each of us have different aspects of Star Wars Galaxies that we loved most. We all agree that it was the Pre-CU SWG experience and attention to details that helped make it one of the best and most immersive MMORPGs we have ever experienced.

Who are the developers at ANH and what does each of them do?

To find out who the current and past members of the ANH team are, check out the ANH Team page.

Where can I go to find out what ANH has done so far?

To find out where we are currently at in our project progress, check out our current Milestones that list the various game features, professions, and server features we have implemented so far.

Where can I find updates or news when something new is added to the site or game?

You must check out the News section to get a filtered and precise overview of all our recent developments. This comes in the form of a searchable forum archive, newsletter and RSS feed.

Where can I go to find out more information about what ANH have worked on or are working on right now?

To see a detailed overview of the milestone developments or other relevant development information, take a look at our Development section.

Is there a server to play on?

At this time, there is no server up for open testing or playing.

Currently we operate one test center server that is used by the ANH Team and the QA Team of testers. If you would like to become a tester, you can get more information from our Quality Assurance FAQ. As we progress, our testing needs and plans may expand and could lead to more opportunities for testing.

When will the game be done?

The SWG:ANH Pre-CU emulator server is still in production and we feel it would be premature and unprofessional to attempt a forecast on when the project will be finished and ready public consumption.

We all agree that it was the Pre-CU SWG experience and attention to details that helped make it one of the best and most immersive MMORPGs we have ever experienced. The crafting complexity, the interrelationships between professions, the vast worlds to explore, the rare creatures to tame and collect, the Galactic Civil War, the active social game - the list goes on. Each contributed to the feeling and experience of the Pre-CU experience. All these highlights and features are based on systems which deserve to be researched to the highest degree and implemented completely. We would not be happy playing a version of SWG that has systems which are simply a basic model of the original game. We do not call a feature on our own project "finished" until it is completely fleshed out and polished to work cohesively with all other relative and related features.

This is a volunteer effort and our team's availability varies. We are continually recruiting new members for our development team and if you'd like to advance our release date please see the Developer FAQ.

How do I obtain the game?

You probably already have the game. SWG:ANH is played from your original Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided game disks. Free trial downloads, the 'Starter Kit' and 'The Total Experience' are not suitable. We are firm in our commitment to working only with legal copies of the game.

Do you accept donations?

SWG:ANH does not accept financial contributions, but we do accept help! Please see the How You Can Help section of this site.

Is there anything I can do to help out?

It is possible! If you are a developer or programmer and would like to help, please see the Developer FAQ.

If you are a community member, in our How to Help section there are details about our Opportunities, UIS File Hunt and Screenshots. We welcome any help we can get in these areas.

I am a member of a SWG community, what could I offer ANH?

Regularly visiting the ANH website to be informed about our project is vital to the success of our emulator. Actively seeking out information about our project or sharing information about SWG from your community is welcomed. ANH is a network base for all SWG communities alike and welcomes your participation as a representative of a SWG community.

I am a leader of an established SWG community, what could I offer ANH?

The Communities that spawn or exist around ANH and SWG should consider networking with us for some of the following reasons: Sharing of SWG knowledge from your community to help contribute to our project will help us complete the project faster and more accurately. This has the added benefit of always being up to date with the developments of our project at ANH through the many technologies and services we provide to get that information to you. By networking your community with ANH, your community will be listed on our website. This will benefit the presence of SWG and ANH communities alike. Even talent or skills from your community members is something you can offer to us, if any fit positions found in our Opportunities section, please recommend them to us. The communities of SWG and ANH are very important to our project and future. If you are an administrator of an established community, please feel free to Email Us with some details about you and your community.