ANH Developer FAQ

What positions are available at ANH, and what skills are you looking for?

Visit our Opportunities to see what types of people we are looking for and what positions we have available. Each role has its responsibilities and ideal skillset associated with it. While not everyone has to have all of these skills, they would however be very useful in allowing you to best contribute to the project.

What can ANH, and MMO gaming server emulation in general offer me?

We believe that the Massively Multiplayer Online emulation development can help specialize and develop skills that can be used for a variety of purposes such as entertainment, employment and enhancing academic performance. Of course what one actually gets out of anything is subjective and dependant on many factors such as initiative and how well you communicate and work in a team.

Can I see product or server information, design concepts and any other useful information to gain insight into your project?

Yes, for technical information please see our Server Product Information page. If you are looking to make an assessment on our approaches to solving issues and managing tasks, please see examples of our work straight from the Developers themselves in our Development section.

What are ANH members like to work with?

To see what the team structure looks like along with the type of working and creativity environment we offer, visit the ANH Team page. Ideally, we would also appreciate you seeing first hand by contacting us with an Email so that you can be introduced to the staff.

If I join up, do I get to work straight away?

We believe in an acclamation period for new developers before assigning tasks to them. We feel that new folks should be allowed to adjust to the new surroundings, working environment and culture of the team. Overall we believe this to be a good approach because it will allow the person joining us a chance to evaluate their decision as to whether or not ANH is the right place for them to be in. It also gives existing members a chance to adjust to the new social and work environment changes. Depending on our critical path analysis of how folks are fitting in within the ANH team, we will begin working with the individuals and assigning tasks to them that best suit their skills and interests.